Go Fish! Make Your Own Game Summer Crafts

Go Fish!  Make Your Own Game Summer Crafts

My kids were clamoring for something to do yesterday. We do a lot of summer crafts for kids in our house that involve coloring, cutting, and gluing but they wanted to make something “real” and useful this time. So I said, “why don’t you make your own game?” I remembered those fishing games we used to play with as kids. They were motorized but my kids and I could make something just as fun – and involving water, which is always a draw when it comes to summer activities for kids.

When it’s the heat of the day and you’re looking for indoor activities for kids, gather a few supplies and make your own game, which the kids will be able to enjoy all summer long.

First you’ll need some drinking straws for fishing rods – enough for each child to have one. Poke a hole in one end of each with a needle and thread some string (fishing line) through it. Tie a knot on the end. Older kids will be able to do this themselves but younger kids will need help with the needle. Now cut a small square of magnetic strip. Poke a hole in it and tie it on to the loose end of the string.

The next step in your summer activities for kids is to cut out lots of colorful fish. They can be made of colored paper, but if you want them to float in water, make them out of craft foam instead. Kids can decorate these with permanent marker (if they’re old enough). Now clip a paper clip to each fish. I hot-glued mine on so they wouldn’t all get tangled together. Finally, put your fish in a shallow bowl with a little bit of water, if desired.

When you make your own game, kids are much more likely to enjoy playing it. Mine even brought their fishing rods to the table and fished for their dinners last night! By being creative, you can come up with all sorts of great indoor activities for kids and summer crafts for kids.

I just discovered that Terri O of PBS’s “Super Simple with Terri O” has lots more great ideas to keep little ones busy with summer crafts for kids on her website. She even has step-by-step videos you can watch to learn how to do crafts with Hygloss Products! You will really enjoy her great ideas for indoor crafts for kids on the hot days when you’re stuck inside this summer!

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