Felt Butterfly Mobile Craft

Bright butterflies will cheer any camp bunk, nursery, child’s room, classroom or summer home with this easy and fun project. With just a few materials, you can make this professional-looking mobile to enjoy in a variety of fun colors. Children as well as adult crafters will be delighted to find floating colorful felt creatures brightening their space with this DIY butterfly mobile.

Felt Butterfly Craft ModelFelt Butterfly CraftFelt Butterfly

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  1. Pick 3 colors from the 7” butterflies and 3 colors from the felt sheets.
  2. Print out this paper template     and cut out a 6.25” butterfly using the pattern. Using the template as a guide, cut 12 small (6.25”) felt butterflies to coordinate with your 6 chosen 7” Butterfly shapes.
  3. Center a 6.25” butterfly on each 7” butterfly and glue down. Flip over and place (do not glue) a second matching 6.25” butterfly on top of each 7” one.
  4. Center the 8” elastic and feed it between a 6.25” butterfly and 7” butterfly from the top down, making sure that the elastic is not visible at the bottom of the 6.25” butterfly. Leave all excess elastic at the top. Staple the elastic to the 7” butterfly, covering the staple with the 6.25” butterfly and glue down. Repeat with all other butterflies and elastic.
  5. Choose 24 craft spoons that coordinate with the butterflies’ colors. 12 Spoons will be for the body and 12 for the ring.
  6. Glue one spoon to each side of every butterfly’s body between its wings.
  7. To create the ring from which to hang the butterflies, take the remaining 12 craft spoons and create a circle approximately 10.5” in diameter. Overlap the spoons’ ends and staple them together (with adult supervision).
  8. To cover staples, cut 11 strips of felt .5” wide and 3” long, or use this   template.
  9. Adhere one end of each strip to the bottom of each staple with glue. Wrap felt around ring to cover staple completely and secure the end with additional glue (see close up photo above).
  10. Tie the free edge of each butterfly’s elastic to every other craft spoon along your ring, in the order in which the butterflies will hang (highest to lowest, by color, etc). Double knot the edge of the elastic around the ring. Hold mobile up to adjust lengths as necessary and cut off excess.
  11. To hang mobile, choose two craft spoons within the circle which are opposite each other and do not have a butterfly attached (i.e.: 12 and 6o’clock). Take a 30” long piece of elastic and tie each end down. Use another 30” elastic and repeat at “3 and 9o’clock” on the circle.
  12. Hold the mobile by these two final elastics. With a helper to insert a finger or a horizontal hook to assist you, find the balance point and make a knot at 1” down to create a loop at the top.
  13. Enjoy your beautiful new felt butterfly mobile!


Ages: 6+


Skills: Fine Motor (cutting, gluing, typing knots), Measuring, Color Sorting, Geometry of Circles, Science (balance, movement, insects, vocabulary)

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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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