Fall Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Fall Pumpkin Craft for Kids

October is here and it’s almost time for our family’s annual visit to the pumpkin patch. My kids are really looking forward to the trip, to picking out the perfect pumpkins for carving and for decorating our porch, and to the hot apple cider we always get as a treat. While they’re waiting for the trip, we’re making pumpkin crafts.

This particular pumpkin craft for kids is a toilet paper roll craft, which is one of my favorite craft categories because I love reusing everyday items I can find around the house. Each kid used 1/3 of a toilet paper roll for his or her pumpkin. Each child can cover their piece of toilet roll with a sheet of orange colored paper, cut to size. Next punch two holes into the top of the toilet roll for the kids to thread a ribbon through. This way their beautiful fall crafts can be hung throughout the house or on the porch when they’re finished. Or, if you prefer, the pumpkin craft can be left without a ribbon and serve as a table centerpiece.

Each child will need to cut about 15-20 thin strips of colored paper in harvest colors (orange, yellow, brown) for their fall crafts. They’ll glue one end of each strip to the inside of one end of the toilet roll and the other end of the strip to the inside of the other end of the toilet paper roll craft. The strips of paper will bow outwards, forming a pumpkin shape around the toilet paper roll.

Finally, use some brown paper to make a stem and green paper to make leaves to complete this fall craft for kids. If they like, children can also add vines made out of green paper or green pipe cleaners (chenille stems). This simple toilet paper roll craft looks much more complicated than it really is. Even young children can make it with a little help, and it will look elegant on any table or adorable hanging up in front of your house or in your classroom.

Enjoy making this pumpkin craft for kids, and check out more fall craft ideas here.


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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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