Egg-Decorating Easter Crafts for Kids

Egg-Decorating Easter Crafts for Kids

If your kids are itching to start dying eggs and hiding them around the house, check out the Easter crafts blog for a fun kids craft that will keep your kids busy and get them into the spirit of the holiday.

All you’ll need for these Easter crafts for kids are some styrofoam eggs and anything your kids want to decorate them with. This can range from specialty papers such as tissue paper in spring colors to sequins and glitter to give eggs a little extra pizazz to wiggle eyes to make the eggs “come alive.”  Découpaging their eggs by gluing on colorful paper cut into stripes, shapes or just a collage of pretty papers will make children feel proud that they’ve learned a fancy new crafting technique (even if it just means covering something with pieces of paper).

To make these into extra special Easter crafts for kids who are a little bit older, give them straight pins and have them pin on one sequin at a time until their eggs (or part of their eggs) are covered with shimmering sequins. Have children plan out a design and work slowly and methodically, to help them develop patience. These Easter crafts for kids can be a time-consuming project – but well worth the effort!

Once kids have made a few Easter eggs, they can use them fill up the Easter baskets they made in last week’s craft! My kids are already toting theirs around proudly.

I hope you’re enjoying this Easter crafts blog. Easter is fast approaching so we’re running out of time for Easter crafts. Stay tuned for more great crafts for kids!


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