Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts with "Gratitude Feathers"

thanksgiving turkey craft 

On Facebook this month, I’ve been participating in “30 Days of Thanks,” thinking of and posting about one thing I’m thankful for – big or small – every day for the month of November. I want to get my children – and my students – in on the thankfulness as well, so I decided to make this easy Thanksgiving craft with them to display on their Thanksgiving tables.

To make this adorable Thanksgiving turkey craft, make your turkey’s head and body by rolling out two balls of modeling dough – a bigger one for the body and a smaller one for the head. Place the head on top of the body. (You can use a toothpick to hold it in place.) Add two wiggle eyes. Make the feet and a beak out of orange dough and a waddle (the part that hangs down from the turkey’s neck) out of red dough and stick these in place.

For a really easy Thanksgiving craft you can use as Thanksgiving table centerpieces, stick colorful feathers into your clay turkey for plumage.

To make this Thanksgiving turkey craft really stand out, use colored card stock cut into feather shapes and have children write (or dictate to you to write) something on each feather they are thankful for. This can range from “food to eat” to “my Grandma and Grandpa” to “puddles to splash in.” Help children stick the feathers onto their turkeys to let all their Thanksgiving guests know just how grateful they are for all their blessings.

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