DYI Turkey Centerpiece for Thanksgiving

Who doesn’t love turkey? Get the kids involved this Thanksgiving with a DIY Turkey Project! Perfect for the table centerpiece or as name placements. The kids will love adding some of their artwork to the day, while learning about the true meaning of Thanksgiving! Gobble, gobble everyone – enjoy this fast and easy holiday paper craft.

Materials You Will Need to Complete:

Hygloss Foam Sheets

Hygloss Metallic Foil Paper

Hygloss Velour Paper

Hygloss Glitter

Hygloss Bucket O’ Buttons

Hygloss Bucket O’Sequins

Hygloss Felt

Cardboard Craft Roll

Template; Leaves, Circle

Other; Craft Glue, Scissors, Black Sharpie

Step One

Trace a leaf template of choice onto various colors of foam sheet. Then trace a circle shape and rounded rectangle shape onto paper.  Cut all pieces out.. (You’ll need 14 leaf shapes for the turkey feathers)

Step Two

Glue rounded rectangle shape to circle. Cut strips into foil paper. Cut and glue to circle shape. Optional- Use fancy scissors for decorative border.

Step Three

Glue all the leaves to the back of the circle shape. Layering up as you go. ( see photo as a guide )

Step Four

Attach the turkey to the cardboard roll. Glue in place.

Step Five

Glue buttons for eyes, felt for nose, draw tiny dot for mouth and sides of nose. Add more Sequins to the top of the turkey and apply the glitter.

Add a name tag to the base if using for name placements.

All your guests will love these works of art that the kids and you created this Thanksgiving Season!

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Ages 9+
Level 4
1 hrs
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