Dr. Seuss Craft – Make a Pencil Holder for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

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Do you know what holiday is coming up this Friday? It’s Dr. Seuss Day! That’s right, D.r Seuss’s birthday is on March 2. If he were alive today, Theodore Geisel (the venerable Dr. Seuss) would be turning 108.

In my classroom, we celebrate Dr. Seuss day by reading his books and by making Dr. Seuss crafts. At home, my kids have been watching the “Horton Hears a Who” movie a lot lately and I love the message: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” It can be extended to almost any topic. A person’s a person no matter what color, no matter his hobbies, his preferences, or anything else that might set him apart. I decided that this would be a great lesson to teach to my class, so we are doing elephant crafts this week in honor of Horton. Today we are going to make a pencil holder complete with clover pencil, since Horton saved Whoville with a clover.

First you’ll need a coffee can, an oatmeal can, a baby formula can or another canister about the same size. A toilet paper roll will even do in a pinch. Cover the canister with paper – grey, or whichever color you want your elephant craft to be. Paste on two wiggle eyes for Horton’s eyes. Draw on features, and glue on two ears and a trunk cut from colored paper or craft foam. If you are using a toilet paper roll to make a pencil holder, trace one end of it onto a sturdy piece of cardboard or tag, cut it out and attach it to the bottom so your pencils won’t fall out.

Now for Horton’s clover. Start with a green pencil (or a pencil covered with green paper or wrapped with a green pipe cleaner). Affix a pink pompom on top to make it look like a clover. If you like, affix a “speck” made of just about anything – a piece of paper, or felt, or anything tiny that can represent the tiny world of Whoville.

Now put your clover pencil into your elephant craft for the full effect of this fun and educational Dr. Seuss craft. I hope your kids learn the value of every human being (or elephant – or Who!) when they make a pencil holder shaped like Horton in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  Horton has become something of a hero in my household and I think that Dr. Seuss day is a great opportunity to celebrate them both!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!


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Ages 5+
Level 1
30 min
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