DIY Confetti

Calling all the party goers out there. This project is for you. DIY Confetti! Make your own Confetti with Hygloss Tissue Paper, Hygloss Paper and craft punches. The perfect project for all occasions. Everyone will love this, especially the party families out there.

Scroll down to see the difference Confetti styles you can create. Mixed punches and papers will give you a variety of results.


Step One

Line a few sheets of tissue paper into the paper punch. Then start paper punching the sheets until you have the desired amount of Confetti.

Step Two

Store finished Confetti in a jar, bag or box.

You could also use Hygloss Holographic Paper, and Hygloss Metallic Foil Paper for your Confetti. Try different punch sizes and papers for a variety of results.

This Confetti was made with Hygloss Tissue Paper and a .75 circle paper punch.

How fun and easy was this project? What will you use your Confetti for? Decorate a party balloon or party hat? Line a table or table runner. Jazz up invites, thank you notes or scrapbook layouts. Even add some pizazz to the classroom bulletin board. The possibilities have us saying, “Oh Em Gee”!

Stay tuned for more fun projects!

Happy Weekend,


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Ages 4+
Level 1
15 min
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