More Cute Valentine Crafts for Kids: Punny Homemade Valentines

cute valentine crafts for kids
I’m really into puns, so I said, hey, why not extend this penchant of mine to our cute valentine crafts for kids? Hence punny homemade valentines!

My preschoolers think the puns are hilarious and my own kids are not old enough to start rolling their eyes at me. This year in class we’re making several cute valentine crafts for kids which are “punny”. I made a few suggestions of my own and of course the children are encouraged to be creative and think of jokes and puns of their own to put on their homemade Valentines.

Some of our favorites are:

I like you beary/berry much. (Bears/berries)
You’re purrrfect. (Cat)
I think you’re cool. (Ice cream/popsicle or a penguin)
Olive you. (Olives)
I dig you. (Shovel)
Somebunny loves you. (Bunny)
I’m nuts about you. (Nuts or a squirrel)
I’m wild about you. (Wild animals)
Hoppy Valentine’s Day. (Frog or bunny)

Of course, homemade, cute valentine crafts for kids can be however you’d like. You can cut into the shape of the animal/object in the pun, decorate with bear stickers/cat stickers/frog stickers, etc., or even with a toy (little plastic animal or sand shovel) attached. The easiest way to make these cute Valentine crafts for kids is by decorating a square of card stock, cutting around the edges with specialty scissors to make a pretty design around the edge, and glue this to a folded piece of card stock. Write your pun and a special message inside and your homemade Valentines are ready to be delivered.

Kids love making homemade Valentines, but when the Valentines contain a clever pun, especially one that the child came up with himself, there’s nothing like the pride he feels when a friend or loved one opens it up and gets the joke.

Next week I’ll give you some ideas for more cute valentine crafts for kids, but for now, click here to check out more Valentines craft for kids ideas!


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