Cork Craft Round Up

The other day we posted a super fun unicorn using Hygloss Cork Stoppers. So many people liked it on our sites that I thought I’d share some more fun versions like a cute robot and cactus. These are just too easy to make and the kids will love it. Perfect for those long summer days.

First up is Misty the Unicorn. To make her visit our earlier post or click here! She was made using Hygloss Cork Stoppers, toothpicks, yarn and paint.

Next up on the round up is Missy the Robot. This futuristic beauty was created using Hygloss Cork Stoppers, toothpicks, pom poms and paint.

No cork crew is complete without their very own cactus. This sweet cacti was created with Hygloss Cork Stoppers, Hygloss Bright Sheets Paper and paint. If you don’t have black paint you could also use a black sharpie pen for the details.

All these projects use a kid friendly craft glue like tacky glue or elmers. You could also add Hygloss Sequins or Hygloss Felt to these cork projects for more fun. Stay tuned for some mermaid projects this week.


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Ages 4+
Level 2
30 min
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