Community Helpers – Police Officer’s Hat and Badge Craft

Community Helpers – Police Officer’s Hat and Badge Craft

Here comes one final community helpers theme craft before I turn to what my kids have eagerly been awaiting since January second: Valentine’s crafts.
Making a police officer hat and badge is a great kids craft to tie in to this lesson. Kids can role-play, taking turns acting the part of the police officer while another child is the citizen who needs help. Of course the kids like to turn this into a game of cops and robbers, but there are important lessons to be learned. I review each child’s phone number and address with him or her, and remind parents to practice with them at home. It’s also a great time to talk about traffic safety and buckling up, and to warn kids about stranger danger and what to do if someone they don’t know approaches them. Of course they all fight over who gets to play the part of the stranger!

To make the police hats, trace the hat shape (pictured) onto paper or craft foam (for extra sturdiness). You can use blue paper, or choose white so each child can decorate his own. Kids can cut out the hat shapes if they’re made of paper but you’ll have to do it for them if you want to make foam hats. You’ll also need two strips of paper or foam (11″ x 1″) for each hat. Let students decorate their hats if desired.

Trace the shield shape (pictured) onto gold metallic foil paper or mirror board. You’ll need two for each child: one for the shield on the hat and one for the badge. Gold mirror board will make a sturdier badge. Again, kids can cut out the paper shields but will need help cutting the foil board. Have students print or stencil a letter P for “Police,” or their first initial onto their shields for personalized badges, then glue one shield to the center of their hats. Staple the strips of paper to the sides of the hats, size them to fit each child’s head, and staple the strips together. Finally, the second shield can be pinned or taped to little shirts for that professional police badge touch.

When teaching a community helpers theme to your class, this kids craft can be used to help teach about all sorts of safety issues that have to do with police officers, from traffic safety to stranger danger.

Buckle up!

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Ages 5+
Level 1
15 min
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