Children’s Easter Craft – Make Finger Puppet Easter Bunnies

Easter baskets are filled with entirely too much junk food if you ask me. Jelly beans, chocolates, marshmallow Peeps. When did this holiday turn into a candy-fest? While my kids are inevitably going to have some candy on Easter, I see to it that we also do fun childrens Easter crafts and include cute, non-edible Easter-related items in their baskets. We decided to make finger puppets to hunt for along with the Easter eggs this year.

This Easter Bunny craft is adorable and works for kids of multiple skill levels. My older kids are learning to sew and were able to do this childrens Easter craft with a needle and thread. My little one was able to glue the felt together, with my help, to make finger puppets. First we started with pieces of  felt  roughly twice as wide as our fingers. You will need two pieces for each puppet. Use coordinating or contrasting colors for the ears. I love projects that reuse and recycle materials from previous craft activities, and this Easter Bunny craft is perfect for using up scraps of felt and other  fabric  from crafts you’ve made in the past.

Help kids sew or glue the two pieces of felt together around three edges, leaving one narrow end open to slip a finger into. Once you’ve finished making the puppets themselves, add details such as fabric ears,  wiggle eyes,  and mouths and whiskers drawn on in permanent marker. Make finger puppets in all sorts of colors and when you’re done (and the glue is dry), hide these adorable Easter Bunny crafts around the house or yard for kids to find.

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Ages 5+
Level 1
15 min
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