Caterpillar and Butterfly Lifecycle Collage Craft

Practice dexterity while learning about science and nature with this fun spring craft. Butterflies and Caterpillars are an essential part of the spring life cycle. Metamorphosis is the amazing process in which butterflies start out as an egg, become caterpillars, then build a chrysalis around themselves and finally emerge as butterflies. Get hands-on in decorating and creating this fascinating part of life in the springtime!

Tool Box:


  1. Cut out leaf shape from green paper
  2. Cut out a freeform round egg shape, decorate and attach to a freely-cut leaf shape. We used green metallic paper and green alligator embossed paper. You now have the egg stage completed!
  3. Decorate caterpillar big cut shape with paper collage. The larvae stage is now complete.
  4. Cut out a freeform Chrysalis shape and a branch shape. We used holographic card stock in Green Menagerie and a plain piece of cardboard. Decorate the chrysalis and attach to branch. You now have the Pupa stage completed.
  5. Decorate Big Cuts Butterfly with paper collage. The final stage of the butterfly’s life cycle is finished!
  6. Arrange / hang four stages on a bulletin board, big poster board or the wall and enjoy!

Age: 5+ (younger children can decorate shapes with markers and crayons in addition to or instead of collage.)

Skills: (Fine Motor Skills), Color Matching, Science Vocabulary

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Ages 5+
Level 1
15 min
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