Carrot Patch Easter Bunny Craft

Around Easter time we go through so many cartons of eggs, between decorating and searching for them (never mind the ones we eat) that I always end up with a house full of egg cartons. Not wanting to waste them, I’m constantly on the lookout for good egg carton craft ideas. When I came across this fun Easter craft, I knew it would be perfect for springtime.

To make this adorable Easter bunny craft, cut off the lid of your egg carton and cut the egg carton in half. Each child will use half an egg carton to make his or her carrot patch. Have kids paint their egg cartons green to make them look like little patches in a garden. Allow the egg carton craft to dry.
Now you’ll need six orange  pony beads     and a green pipe cleaner. Cut the pipe cleaner in six and fold each piece in half. Stick the pipe cleaner pieces into the beads to make the carrot tops. Poke a hole in the top of each egg cup and stick in your “carrots.” The carrot patch part of this fun Easter craft is complete.
Now it’s time to make the Easter bunny craft part of your project. Glue together two pom-poms. Add  wiggle eyes, a small pom-pom or bead for the nose, and  craft foam     for the ears. Your fun Easter craft is finished! Once the paint is dry, kids can continue to decorate it by adding flowers or other details to their egg carton crafts.
One tip I have about this craft is not to glue your Easter bunny in place. Kids will love to make him hop around the room and visit each other’s carrot patches, so it’s better for him to be mobile. This way kids can continue having fun even after they’ve finished making their crafts!
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Ages 5+
Level 1
30 min
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