Bright Cello Flowers Craft

Spring Craft - Cello FlowersIt’s been a long winter! One of my favorite crafts is to make a bright reminder that Spring is around the corner. Whether you are a crafter, parent, student or teacher, we can all relate to the anticipation of when the snow melts, the air warms and the plants start to grow. By creating this bright cello flowers wall decoration just in time for spring to begin, the last days of winter become a lot more colorful and exciting!

My class and I began with the lesson of how flowers grow. I discussed that there are four things that are needed: food or nutrients, water, light (sun) and proper temperature. Food can be found in the form of soil. Light from the sun is the most effective to grow flowers, and warmth can come from the air that surrounds them. In warm climates, greenhouses and indoors, flowers can be grown year-round, but in colder climates, flowers wait for Spring to bloom.

Flowers all begin as seeds. Once a seed sprouts, roots spread out into the soil. Eventually, a small green shoot comes out of the soil which becomes the flower’s stem. The head of the flower, which contains its petals, grows at the top of the stem, while leaves form along the stem for protection and as a further source of food during the life of the flower.

A flower’s leaves contain chlorophyll, a green pigment that allows plants to take energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air and water into food. Known as Photosynthesis, this is the process that the plant will use to create energy for the rest of its life.

Many plants can survive with a combination of just three parts: roots, stems, and leaves. But to make their own seeds and, eventually, their own offspring, plants produce flowers. Flowers create pollen, which when combined with another flower’s pollen, become seeds that can grow into a new plant. Flowers lure insects like bees (who I look forward to exploring further at another lesson) and birds to them with nectar. In return, these animals carry pollen to other flowers and fertilize the eggs.

After learning all about flowers we were ready to create our own! Using cellophane is a great way to let light into a project by reflecting it or filtering it, which is such a breath of fresh air on dreary days. By creating see-though centers to bright cardstock flowers, we filled our classroom with color and light…a great reminder that Spring is coming soon! Share photos of your cello flowers and all of the colorful ways that you are letting Spring into your homes and classrooms a little early on our Facebook page!

Supplies Box For Cello Flowers:

-Hygloss Cello Sheets

-Hygloss Assorted Color Bright Tag

-Double-Sided Black Paper


-Glue or clear tape


1. Print and cut out Template by clicking on the link.

2. Trace and then cut out 8 flower templates on Assorted Bright Tag

3. Trace and then cut out 10 or more leaf templates on Green Bright Tag

4. Trace and then cut out 8 stem templates on Green Bright Tag, varying the height of the stem. You can double up the stem template to make longer stems.

5. Use the center cutout of the flower as a guideline. Cut out 2 of each color of cello sheets for a total of 16 circles slightly larger than the center of the flower.

6. Trace the flower pot shape on Double-Sided Black Paper. (We enlarged this template on a photocopy machine by 200% in order to make a larger flower pot to accommodate all 8 flowers.)

7. Place 2 same color cello circles on top of one another and affix to edge of flower. Tape the edges of the cello to the back of the flower to secure.

8. Tape stems to flowers and then arrange in flower pot.

9. Adjust stems to be different heights and affix leaves to stems.

10. adhere flower pot on top of stems.

11. Once arrangement is how you like it, tape or glue all to each

other to secure.

12. Looks great as a window display, on classroom walls or bulletin boards.


Ages: 5+

Skills: Fine Motor, Color Matching, Sorting, Learning the Science of Flowers

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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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