BoHo Animal Necklaces

Kids love to play dress up just like their mommies do. Frilly skirts and jewelry add to the fun. Today I’d like to share with you a super fun project; Boho Animal Necklaces which are made from a mish mash of left over supplies from some of our past Hygloss Projects. With some Hygloss papers, plastic beads, sequins and toy animals, a fun summer necklace is born. Lets scroll down to start making some today!



Step One

Choose a few plastic toy animals to decorate. Wrap and twist some craft wire around the animal. 

Step Two

Cut a thin strip of felt around the middle of the animal, glue in place with craft glue, set aside to dry. Then wrap decorative trim around the felt, glue in place. The felt helps hold the trim and hides the craft wire.

Step Three

Make tiny cone shapes for the plastic toy animals using specialty papers, foil paper or felt. To make a cone hat, draw a circle onto the paper of choice, cut out. Then draw a line into the circle shape from the edge to the center point, cut that line, roll cut circle into a cone shape, glue in place. Attach to the plastic toy animal head. (see photos) 

Step Four

Then cut and thread the beaded strand through the wire. Tie two strands of ribbon at each end of the cut beaded strand. Tie two bows on. (see pictures)

Step Five

Add more trims, sequins, plastic beads, tiny tassels, glitter and tissue paper to finish off your animals. 

Be as creative as you want:

  • Try crowns instead of hats.
  • You could also paint your animals.
  • Use ribbon instead of plastic beaded strands for the chain part.
  • Instead of wire attach the beaded strand to the plastic toy animal by wrapping a piece of ribbon or decorative trim around the beading and the animal, glue in place.
  • Coat your animals in glitter.
  • Add fairy wings, unicorn horns or mermaid wings.

This project has so many possibilities and your kids will love it. For those familiar with this project, my original project was published in Kids Crafts 1,2,3 Magazine. Today I updated it using some fun Hygloss Supplies!

We’d love to see what you make using our project ideas and our products. Please share with us using hashtag #HyglossCreates on Instagram, or post your projects to our facebook page.

See you soon and stay creative,


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Ages 8+
Level 2
1 hrs
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