Blooming Tree Big-Cuts Craft How-To

What better way to celebrate the return of colorful blossoms and green leaves then by making a Big Cut Tree that is full of blooming color! After painting a brown trunk and green leaves, you can affix tissue flowers with a special technique by twisting them into glue and then onto this 12” wide tree with a round popstick. Add a bird in a nest for a warm touch, and adorn your walls with this cheerful spring craft!

 Supplies Box

  • Hygloss Big Cut-Outs Tree
  • Paint in Brown, Green, Yellow and White
  • Tissue Squares in different Shades of Pink
  • Bright Paper in 2 Shades of Blue
  • Small piece of cardboard
  • Round Colorstix Popstix
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper plates for mixing paint colors
  • Glue Stick



  1. Mix a range of brown paint shades by putting small dots of brown around the sides of a paper plate. Gradually add an incremental amount of white paint to each brown dot (except one which will stay the tone from the bottle) until you have a full palette. (You could also add incremental amounts of black paint to make shades darker than the bottle color.) Paint the trunk of the tree with these colors, extending branches up into the rounded top of the tree.
  2. Create a range of green paint shades on another paper plate, using tiny dots of green paint (or mix your own from yellow and blue) and increasing amounts of white or yellow to achieve different hues of green. Paint leaves on the cloud-like top of the tree, filling the white paper with color.
  3. Sort out the colors of tissue squares you want to use. Lay them in a pile alongside your glue and a popstick.
  4. Dab a tiny bit of glue onto the popstick end and use it to pick up a single tissue square. Place the square onto the end of the gluestick and twist slightly to add glue to the bottom of the square. Find a spot on the top of the tree to place your square and twist it down into place, removing the popstick as you twist. Repeat with as many squares as desired. (Twist the colors down in order from darkest to lightest for a cool ombrè effect.)
  5. Cut a freehand small bird from Light Blue Paper. Layer this with a slightly darker bit of blue paper for a 3-D look. Using brown paint, give the bird a tiny eye and create a small beak with yellow paint.
  6. Cut a little nest shape from cardboard and dab it with brown paint for texture / detail.
  7. Affix the bird to the nest and place it in the tree.
  8. Hang your beautiful spring craft anywhere you want to bring a bit of nature inside and enjoy!


Ages: All Ages


Skills: Color Mixing, Fine Motor Skills (cutting, painting, gluing, twisting), Vocabulary (parts of a tree).

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Ages 5+
Level 1
30 min
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