Birthday Party Feather Crown

Here is a great project to do with the kids for their next birthday arty. A fun birthday party feather crown. Each one can be customized with happy quotes and individual names. Best part they are easy to make, fun to wear and different from a crown or party hat. Let’s grab some Hygloss paper, craft glue and scroll down to get started……


Step One

Draw or print 4 different sizes of feather shapes onto colored card stock. Line 4 more sheets of colored card stock under the feather template sheet and cut out. This will save you time in cutting feathers.

Step Two

Fold each set of feathers in half and cut slits into all the edges to create a fringe. Then separate the paper feathers and fluff out the slits.

Step Three

Cut two strips from scrapbook paper of choice. Each strip should measure 2 inches wide by 12 inches long. Glue the end of the two strips together to make a long strip.

Step Four

Begin gluing the various cut paper feathers to the plain side of long strip of paper using craft glue. Then cover the glued feathers and paper strip with more craft glue and plain card stock to finish it off.

Step Five

Glue the last two ends of the paper strips together to form the head dress. (Measure your head or your childs head before gluing the ends closed.) Step Six

Cut random sayings from the scrap papers or write them. Glue them in place with more craft glue.

Step Seven

Add to brass flat gems to the head dress using Gem Tac. At this point add any glitter, sequins or extra embellishments. Then your head dress is complete. 

These birthday party feather crowns are so fun to make. They are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, event or just for fun. Each feather crown can have a different message of gratitude or the name of your childs birthday guests. Cute for a rodeo theme or camp theme party.

Play with colors and have some fun. The perfect project to do with the kids or friends. Stay tuned for more inspiring projects to do in class, camp or family!


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Ages 5+
Level 2
1 hrs
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