Back to School with Style and Savings

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Even though many of the children in my class usually know each other before the year begins, I still spend a good part of the first week on getting to know you activities and ice breaker games. The goal is to bond as a class and allow each child to express his individuality. We also learn the rules, routines, and jobs of the classroom through games, projects, and you guessed it, bulletin boards.

I’m really excited about my bulletin boards this year. I’ve spruced them up a bit and added some new ideas. I’ll let you in on them as the year goes on. But one of my most successful first day activities results in one of my favorite bulletin boards. We do it every year for the first few days to be ready for the parents’ Open House at the end of the first week.

The title of the bulletin board is Who Goes to School? Each child gets a Hygloss collage sticky 8” person that they decorate with a huge variety of collage materials: scraps of material and specialty paper, fake curly hair, beads and buttons, wiggly eyes, glitter, yarn, ribbon, magazine pictures (that my own children cut out of course), mosaic shapes, markers, crayons, and scissors. The idea is for each child to create a colorful collage that expresses Who Am I?, using the materials they like best. I make the background of the bulletin board out of large pieces of tag in the shape of a school building, a playground, a school bus, and trees, flowers, and bushes. When the children have completely unleashed their creativity and saturated their little person with all the materials an 8” cut out can handle (with my and my assistant’s help), we write their name on the back and stick it anywhere on the board they want.

The real fun comes when the parents have to guess Who’s Who while the children are sitting quietly in their seats, giggling wildly, without giving anything away. It’s really only a matter of minutes before the kids are jumping out of their seats like popcorn and running straight up to the board to grab their “images” (with a flair). We always end up laughing a lot, with the kids quite attached to their creations and the parents oohing and aahing over their child’s handiwork.

We keep this one up for a solid month. The kids love to play with it. I let them move their “people” around the board as an activity. It actually becomes one of the centers, until we take it down. By then, everything is falling off all the little people and they’re ready for retirement.

Happy Creating,


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Ages 6+
Level 1
15 min
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