Back To School Activities – Getting to Know You Games

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I was up late thinking about back to school activities last night, and just before I drifted off I had an idea. How about making our own getting to know you games?

This particular game is played kind of like Bingo. Every child has a card – depending on the age of your class, the cards can have more or fewer boxes on it. Nine for the preschool set, 12, 16 or 20 as kids get older.

Start with a sheet of colored paper or card stock. Make lines on it to demarcate the boxes, or have kids do it if they’re old enough. Now start to tell them what to put into the boxes. For example, a boy with red hair, a girl with glasses, someone whose favorite food is pizza, someone who flew on an airplane over summer vacation, someone with three brothers. Kids will draw pictures of each of these in the squares and write “FREE” or make a big colored dot in the center square.

When they’re done drawing their back to school Bingo boards, it’s time to play the getting to know you games. Give each child a bag of counters. Now have them walk around the room and introduce themselves to each other, meecolored paper for kids scrapbooking and kids craftsting new classmates, making new friends, and learning interesting facts about each other. Every time they meet someone who meets the criteria on their Bingo board, they’ll put a counter on that square. When someone gets a whole row of counters, they win. Give the winners a prize if you like. Now the winner can call out the criteria for the next round of getting to know you games.

These kinds of back to school activities are great for easing into the school year. They include an artistic/creative element, a get up out of your seat and move around the room element, a meeting people and making friends element, and a following directions element!

Enjoy playing getting to know you games with your class and check out my blog for more great back to school activities!


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Ages 1+
Level 1
15 min
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