Autumn Craft Ideas – Leaf Rubbings

After my class went on our annual fall nature walk (we do one every season), I decided to come up with some new autumn craft ideas instead of the traditional (yet classic) leaf rubbings. So for our preschool fall craft we took a new twist on leaf rubbings to create bouquets of “leaves”  in recycled “vases.”

First, of course, we had to collect the leaves. They had to be all different shapes and sizes. We collected twigs and acorns and other things we found on our walk as well. When we got back to the classroom, we started on the leaf rubbings. The kids had fun peeling the paper off the crayons so they could lie them down horizontally on top of the paper, with leaf between paper and desk, and rub. They were amazed to learn from this preschool fall craft that the pattern of the leaf transferred onto the paper!

We used fall colors (red, orange, yellow, brown) for our preschool fall crafts. When we were done with the leaf rubbings, the children spread some glue on them and sprinkled glitter on top to make them sparkle. Then we cut out each leaf and glued it to a twig or a popstix . We gathered the leaves and “branches” and arranged them on display in our very own vases – toilet paper rolls we’d decorated with fancy specialty paper. Some of the stray leaves ended up on my bulletin board, which makes for a beautiful decoration as well.

Enjoy jumping in those fall leaves and click here  and here for more great autumn craft ideas!


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Ages 1+
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